Croatian translation of Here, Bullet, translated by Damir Sodan.


Polish translation of Here, Bullet, translated by Adamowski Dariusz.


Italian translation of My Life as a Foreign Country by N.N. Editore.

“NN is a new independent publisher founded in Milan in 2014, managed by four partners: Eugenia Dubini, Alberto Ibba, Edoardo Caizzi and Gaia Mazzolini.

The name NN comes from the Latin words nescio nomen, and it means “Name Unknown”. In the past it was the mark used to identify orphans. Our core mission is to investigate issues about contemporary identity both individual and collective, through fiction and literary nonfiction, with a special attention to the authorial poetica.

We strive to publish books by Italian and foreign authors who have a unique perspective and an impressive authority. Books that enlighten our culture, our community and our society. We seek to establish communities of conversation surrounding our books. NN start in 2015 with the presentation of 3 book series and a group of renowned Italian authors. Our aim is to have around 20 titles a year.”

MyLife_DutchThe Netherlands

(Dutch translation of My Life as a Foreign Country)
Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspers: Mijn Leven Als Een Vreemd Land (2015)
Vertaald door Olaf Brenninkmeijer en Auke van den Berg

De Arbeiderspers is a Dutch publishing company, started as a socialist enterprise. The name means ‘The Workers’ Press’. The company was started in 1929 as a combination of the publishing firm N.V. Ontwikkeling and the Dutch Social Democratic Workers’ Party newspaper Het Volk.



Arabic translation of Phantom Noise, translated by Salih Mahdy.