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Poetry from the Front Line, BBC World Service, Thursday 26 March 2009

The World Service has just run an edited version of a programme that was originally broadcast on Radio 4 last November. Poetry from the Front Line has been nominated for a Sony Award for Best News Programme of the Year (winner to be announced on 11 May).

The version for the World Service retained all Brian Turner’s poems: ‘Ashbah’, ‘16 Iraqi Policemen’, ‘What Every Soldier Should Know’ and ‘AB Negative (The Surgeon’s Poem)’. In the final section, Jonathan Charles describes Brian Turner as “the man widely regarded as the very best of our modern war poets”, and the piece concluded with Brian reading his ‘particularly moving’ poem ‘R&R’.

Interviews with Brian Turner featured prominently at several points in this programme, in which BBC War correspondent Jonathan Charles looks at poetry that has been written on the front line during the Iraq and Afghan conflicts. He interviewed a range of poets, both soldiers and other witnesses of the conflicts, about their experiences and asked them to read some of their poems.

This is radio at its best – the use of music and clips of sound recordings made in Iraq enhanced the poems beautifully, and Jonathan Charles’ sensitive interviews allowed both serving soldiers and bereaved relatives to tell their own stories.

You can listen to the programme via the BBC World Service website, where it has been archived. A direct link to the story.

The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, Saturday 22 January 2011, 8.38 am

The Today programme ran recordings of all the T S Eliot Prize-shortlisted poets reading a poem in the weeks prior to the award ceremony, and interviewed the winner Derek Walcott on Tuesday 25 January. Brian Turner’s poem ‘Phantom Noise’ was aired on the Saturday prior to the prize announcement. Two of his poems were recorded for the Today website, the second being ‘At Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’.

You can listen to all the poems via Today’s page of the BBC website, where they are illustrated with author photographs.

The Today Programme, Radio 4, Saturday 30 October 2010, 8.56am

Brian Turner was interviewed on The Today Programme. He read an extract from his poem ‘At Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’ from his new book Phantom Noise, and spoke about how poetry has been a constant in his life before, during and after his time as a serving soldier. He was asked to speak about war poetry in general and the ambiguous position of being a poet in time of conflict.

The four-minute interview is available to listen to again via Today’s page of the BBC website (final item). Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the link within the description of the interview. Unfortunately, this clip currently cuts out Justin Webb’s introduction, in which he mentioned Brian Turner’s reading at Poetry International and that Phantom Noise had just been shortlisted for ‘the prestigious T S Eliot Poetry Prize’. Justin went on to ask if Brian had become a poet in response to his experiences as a serving solder in Iraq. Brian’s answer to that is at the start of this clip.

Saturday Review, Radio 4, Saturday 30 October 2010, 7.15pm

Tom Sutcliffe and his guests writers Kevin Jackson and David Aaronovitch and novelist Dreda Say Mitchell reviewed the cultural highlights of the week in the latest edition of Saturday Review. Brian Turner’s new collection was the third item to be discussed.

Tom Sutcliffe introduced the book, which he described as ‘the continuing exploration’ of Turner’s time as a serving solder in Iraq. An actor read a substantial extract from the poem ‘At Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’. There was a mixed reaction to the book from the guests, particularly with regard to his poems of witness written about the war in Iraq. David Aaronovitch said that the poem ‘Tell Me, Beautiful One, from Where Did the Lord Bring You?’ was his favourite among ‘many powerful poems’, while Dreda Say Mitchell highlighted ‘VA Hospital Confessional’. Tom Sutcliffe preferred the oblique approach to war found in ‘The Whale’. Kevin Jackson praised the way that Turner had steeped himself so profoundly in the history and literature of Iraq.

You can listen to the programme via the BBC website, where it will be available for a few weeks after first broadcast.