The Strangest of Theatres

The Strangest of Theatres explores how poets who are willing to venture beyond our borders can serve as envoys to the wider world and revitalize American poetry in the process. What are they looking for when they leave? What do they find? How does their experience shape them, and what is revealed when they sit down at their desks and take up the pen?

The Strangest of Theatres is an invaluable resource for poets blessed with a spirit of adventure. These reflections, insights, and tips will orient wanderers of every stripe, from those contemplating their first trip abroad to hardened travelers, instructing one and all in the pleasures and meaning of crossing borders. Your passport, please. The plane is boarding.” —Christopher Merrill, The University of Iowa

Prairie Schooner

PS_Cover_2013_Winter.inddThe Daily Nebraskan on the launch of the Winter Issue of Prairie Schooner, with a special war portfolio guest-edited by Brian Turner.  For more information about Prairie Schooner, Edited by Kwame Dawes, please click here.


Pete MolinEpiphany_Issue11 (Time Now: The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in Art, Film, and Literature) says this about the issue  “The winter/spring 2013 edition of EpIphany: A Literary Journal is guest edited by poet Brian Turner. Not fooling around, Turner has solicited and selected quality work from a who’s who of contemporary war literature.  A roll call of contributors begins with Benjamin Busch, Roy Scranton, Bruce Weigl, Donald Anderson, Matt Gallagher, Jehanne Dubrow, and Paul Wasserman.  Turner’s also reached out internationally to include Israeli poet Etgar Karet, Myanmar poet Tin Moe, Irish author Fred Johnston, and others.”

The Cork Literary Review

The Atlanta Review (Ireland)