Recent Poetry, Essays, & Fiction in Anthologies

Breaking the Jaws of Silence

Breaking the Jaws of SilenceThrough the support of PEN Center USA, Iranian American poet and translator Sholeh Wolpé has brought together sixty American poets to address the world through poems that not only meditate on the principles of freedom, justice, and tolerance but also boldly and directly address specific countries. These poets speak out in the tradition of all poets who speak out in uprisings, seeking to change the landscape despite an environment of oppression, torture, and denial of basic human rights. All poems included were gifted to this anthology, which will benefit PEN Center USA’s Freedom to Write program.

Heart of the Order

HeartOfTheOrderCover_WebBaseball, the most literary of sports, has inspired countless writers in their art. From this abundance, Heart of the Order gathers together some of the finest poems written on baseball from the past seventy-five years. The roster includes Hall-of-Famers Donald Hall, Richard Hugo, Marianne Moore, William Matthews, and May Swenson, as well as many contemporary stars.

Book of Scented Things

The Book of Scented ThingsWhat if 100 contemporary American poets were sent individually selected vials of perfume, fragrances chosen to reflect the authors’ voices, aesthetics, or writerly obsessions?  What if each poet wrote something new in response?  The Book of Scented Things collects the results of this strange, aromatic experiment:  poems of longing and of childhood memory, poems of place and philosophy and politics, poems about the challenge of writing poems about perfume.  This is an anthology whose words will linger on your pulse points long after even the base notes have faded.

ComingClose_lowCOMING CLOSE: FORTY ESSAYS ON PHILIP LEVINE. Ed. Mari L’Esperance. Univ. of Iowa Press, 2013.

NEW AMERICA: CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE FOR A CHANGING SOCIETY. Ed. Holly Messitt and James Tolan. Autumn House Press, 2013. “The Hurt Locker” and “Body Bags.”

LITERATURE: AN INTRODUCTION TO READING AND WRITING SERIES. Ed. Joe (X.J.) Kennedy and Dana Fioia. 2012. “Here, Bullet.”


FireandForgetCoverFIRE AND FORGET: STORIES FROM THE WARS. DeCapo Press, 2013: (FC). “The Wave That Takes Them Under.” [Fiction/Short Story]

THE PRACTICE OF CREATIVE WRITING: A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS. (2nd Edition) Bedford Books, 2012. Ed. Heather Sellers. “What Every Soldier Should Know.”

THOSE WHO HAVE BORNE THE BATTLE: A HISTORY OF AMERICA’S WARS AND THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT THEM. James Wright. Public Affairs Press, 2012. “What Every Soldier Should Know.”

MEET THE FACES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY PERSONA POETRY. Ed. Oliver de la Paz, Stacey Lynn Brown. University of Akron Press. 2012. “Ajal.”

Al-MUTANNABI STREET STARTS HERE. Ed. Beausoleil and Shehabi. PM Press, 2012: “The Mutannabi Street Bombing.”

ALHAMBRA POETRY CALENDAR 2012. Ed. Shafiq Naz. Belgium. Alhambra Publishing. (FC). “Trajectories (In Red).”

THE FORWARD BOOK OF POETRY. Forward Ltd., London. 2011. “Puget Sound.”

BEING HUMAN. Ed. Neil Astley. Bloodaxe Books (UK). 2011: “Here, Bullet” and “16 Iraqi Policemen.”

Edition). Ed. R.S. Gwynn. 2011. “Here, Bullet.”

LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION. Ed. Carol Jago, et al. Bedford/St. Martins, 2011. “In the Leupold Scope” and “Sadiq.”

THE BEST AMERICAN NONREQUIRED READING 2010. Ed. Dave Eggers. Houghton Mifflin, 2011. “Stopping the American Infantry Patrol Near the Prophet Yunus Mosque in Mosul…”

WRITING AS REVISION (custom textbook for the University of Arizona). Pearson Custom, 2010. “What Every Soldier Should Know,” “Here Bullet,” “AB Negative” “Night in Blue.”

MULTIPLE LITERACIES. Ed. Dan Melzer and Deborah Coxwell-Teague. Pearson, 2010. “Eulogy.”

UNMAKING WAR, REMAKING MEN. Kathleen Barry. Phoenix Rising Press, 2010. “What Every Soldier Must Know.”

POETRY FROM PARADISE VALLEY. Ed. Edward Byrne. Pecan Grove Press, 2010. “Al-A’imma Bridge.

ALHAMBRA POETRY CALENDAR 2011. Ed. Shafiq Naz. Belgium. Alhambra Publishing. “The Fire Flame Trees.”

MAKING POEMS: 40 POEMS WITH COMMENTARY FROM THE POETS. Ed.Erin Murphy and Todd Davis. State University of New York Press, 2010. “From the Farmer’s Market.”

ECHOES OF WAR. Ed. Suzanne Hunter Brown. Literature & Medicine, Maine Humanities Council, 2009: “AB Negative (The Surgeon’s Poem).”

QUEST B. Ed. Helena Wallberg, et al. Natur & Kultur Publishers, Stockholm, 2009: “Ashbah.”

ALHAMBRA POETRY CALENDAR 2009. Ed. Shafiq Naz. Belgium. Alhambra Publishing. “Daras Salam.”

BETWEEN WATER AND SONG: 15 YOUNG POETS. Ed. Norman Minnick. White Pine Press, 2008: “Guarding the Bomber.”

LITERARY WITNESSES. Ed. Scott King. Red Dragonfly Press, 2008 (Limited Edition): “Lucky Money.”

STATE OF THE UNION: 50 POLITICAL POEMS. Ed. Joshua Beckman and Matthew Zapruder. Wave Books, 2008: 23. “Observation Post #71.”

AFTER SHOCKS: THE POETRY OF RECOVERY FOR LIFE SHATTERING EVENTS. Ed. Tom Lombardo. Sante Lucia Books, 2008: 70-75. “2000 lbs,” “Night In Blue,” “To Sand.”

MUCH MADNESS. Ed. Mark S. Bauer, 2008. “Eulogy.”

CADILLAC CICATRIX. Issue 2, 2008. “A Soldier’s Arabic” and “9-Line Medevac.”

THE BEST AMERICAN POETRY, 2007. Guest Ed. Heather McHugh. New York: Scribner Poetry: 104-105. “What Every Soldier Should Know.”

PUSHCART PRIZE XXXI, 2007: BEST OF THE SMALL PRESSES. Ed. Bill Henderson. Pushcart Press. “Hwy 1.”

DEEP TRAVEL: CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POETS ABROAD. Ed. Sandra Meek. Ninebark Press, 2007: 241-244. “A Soldier’s Arabic,” “Hwy 1,” “In the Leupold Scope.”

OPERATION HOMECOMING: IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, AND THE HOME FRONT, IN THE WORDS OF U.S. TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Ed. Andrew Carroll. Random House, 2007: 282-284. “Ashbah,” “The Baghdad Zoo,” “The Hurt Locker.”

AMERICAN WAR POETRY: AN ANTHOLOGY. Ed. Lorrie Goldensohn. Columbia University Press, 2006: 366. “Here, Bullet.”

ATLANTA REVIEW: 10TH ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY. Ed. Daniel Veach. Rose Printing Company, 2005: 289. “From the Gunner’s Turret.”

VOICES IN WARTIME: ANTHOLOGY. Ed. Andrew Himes, Jan Bultmann. Whit Press, 2005: 228-234. “A Soldier’s Arabic,” “2000 lbs,” “Sadiq.”